Summit Peak Credit is an Asset Based non-bank Lender for the Legal Cannabis Industry.  SPC understands the lack of banking, capital, and liquidity available to businesses in the Legal Cannabis Industry therefore our primary focus is on debt financing secured by real estate, equipment and other hard assets.  SPC is a portfolio lender making all under-writing decisions in house, funding and servicing our loan portfolio throughout the life cycle of the loan.

Providing Financing Solutions

Summit Peak Credit offers financing solutions for existing businesses expanding in the medical and recreational marijuana industry.  SPC is a non-bank, direct lender offering debt financing for mortgage and/or equipment loans from $500,000 to $7,500,000. SPC Loans are based upon credit criteria, operational experience and collateral, all terms may vary based on combining creditworthiness, qualifications and collateral conditions.

We consider the total picture of the borrowing entity, the specific property or equipment type and transaction, offering diverse loan terms, with an efficient compliant process and underwriting review. Denver Skyline 7

Compliance and Underwriting

Summit Peak Credit is a relationship-based lender, the underwriting and funding decisions are made using common sense. SPC has an efficient, comprehensive, institutional loan underwriting platform that is designed to be fully compliant with FinCEN guidelines & The “Cole Memo”, along with relevant state laws and regulations relating to state-legal medical marijuana and adult use marijuana. 
The FinCEN Guidance provides specific due diligence and risk assessment mandates for financial institutions considering service to marijuana-related businesses. 

Management Oversight

The Summit Peak Credit Management Team possesses vast lending experience across commercial mortgage origination and financing, real estate, FinTech, property management, asset and liability management, risk management, with over 2 years of direct cannabis lending. The SPC Executives and the Board of Directors are committed to providing a culture of compliance and institutional awareness.